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The centerpiece of SKYLANDING sits between two gentle, crescent-shaped mounds designed as part of the experience. These mounds form a line between them to create the appearance of flowing together, lifting us into sky.


The Wooded Island was chosen in 1893 as the ideal setting for the Garden of the Phoenix. Today, SKYLANDING rises from the ashes of the lost Phoenix to inspire us to learn about the past and come together for the future.


SKYLANDING features 12 stainless steel lotus petals in various stages of immersion that radiate outward into the grass, uniting the area into a single, transformed and transformative space.


A landmark for peace. SKYLANDING is Yoko Ono’s first permanent installation in the Americas. The public artwork is a celebration of the diverse history of Chicago’s Jackson Park and a symbol of our wishes for peace in the future.

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"I want the sky to land here, to cool it, and make it well again."- Yoko Ono

Visit SKYLANDING in Chicago, Jackson Park